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Our Story

CHILL...The MilkshakeBar

Chill the Milkshake Bar began three years ago!   Our two older kids wanted to start working and earning money for college and mission trips.   We didn't want them out late on school nights and didn't want them to work on Sunday.  So our family started to brainstorm about having a family business.  We thought it would be a great experience to teach them about entrepreneurship and hard work!  Several months later, Savannah and I decided that a MILKSHAKE BAR would be a FUN, safe, HAPPY environment where we would all enjoy working.

When I told my husband, he said, "GO FOR IT!"  So we did. :) Thanks honey!

We are grateful for so many family and friends who helped us get started.   So many late nights painting, hanging, fixing, printing, cleaning and last minute runs to the store for needed items.  THANK YOU!

Thank you to the CHILL TEAM!  Every single one of our TEAM members is irreplaceable.  They are examples of how wonderful teenagers are.  They are friendly, reliable, focused, helpful and remarkable in every way. 

THANK YOU to all of our customers and especially our "regulars"!  Thank you for your patience as we learned how to

scoop faster, and become better organized :) THANK YOU for helping us spread the word through social media ... we are so humbled and grateful for your support!


Kassie, Mike, Sterling, Savannah, Stefan, Skye and Shepard